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From the Riddim Compilation called the “Sunshine State Riddim” procuded by Florida Based Madd Spider Productions

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1. Not’ch ur average Joe on the grind

2. hey gyal mi wan yu give me sweetest Wine

3. you haffi gi me, mi wan yu gi me, nuh do mi dat, nuh do mi dat


1. From you give mi de chance feh dance wid you and hold you close

2. mi never know it would ah feel so good only God He knows

3. Gal how you feh do mi dat, brace against mi private parts

4. ah huh ah huh ah huh, wooy wooy wooy

5. never bubble with nuh body yet where more than you

6. gal whey yu ah do to me is all brand new hoo hoo

7. gal how you so freaky so, ah whey yu get that move deh from,

8. nah tell nuh lie, you out feh mash mon down

1 st Chorus:

1. You have de Sweetest Wine, You have de Sweetest wine

2. Gal mi never know you have de sweetest wine

3. oh Do nuh Do mi dat, mi ah beg yu, do nuh do mi dat

4. mi ah beg u, do do , mi ah beg yu don’t do mi so

2nd Verse:

1. slow bubble inna champagne inna tall glass

2. mind whey yu ah do to me, you out feh mek mi come…fast

3. Gal nuh bother do mi dat, wine up pon it regular

4. duh duh duh, wooy wooy wooy

5. cause your sweetness have me de weakest

6. and mi nuh know if mi ah go find another one like you

7. Gyal, one in ah million, strong like ah stallion,

8. and if ah bet mi would ah bet ah you mi would ah put mi money pon

2nd Chorus:

3rd Verse:

1. Nuh do mi dat, nuh do mi

2. Nuh do mi dat, nuh do mi

3. if you keep it up, you ah go sue me

4. and mi cant afford feh go do dat

5. you betta how how yu just ah put it pon mi

6. cause you nuh wan nah type ah casualty

7. all becau you sweetness ah mad mi

8. Jah know you wine ah de maddest ting


4th /Outro :

1. you nuh fi do mi so

2. my gal just take it slow

3. mi wan you take it down low low low

4. mi wan gi mi like you, know say you ah, pro

5. mi wan you bubble pon it slowslow slow

6. you could do it pony u tip tippy toe

7. cau you know say you can bub bub bubble

8. and get mon inna troub trouble


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