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​From the the Leap of Faith Riddim Compilstion

Produced by Cross Road Music Group

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1. Cross Road, Not’ch ur average Joe on the grind, cross road, dah dah dah dah

2. Now if your happy with the one your with

3. then do it like that, but every now & then

4. you wonder if only that, but then you realize

5. who really truly got your back

6. & it’s worth putting up with all their crap you hear that

1. sometimes I reminisce and im regretting all

2. thinking to my self, why did I let go

3. but then I snap out of it and look at the odds

4. and think to myself I got me a good one

5. but I aint gonna front , sometimes I wonder if I went the other way

6. and If I hadn’t only imagine, would my life turn out this way

1. What if it was you and I

2. that was supposed to be together

3. what if it was true, you and i

4. were together it be better

5. you know say ah true, mi nah go lie

6. when mi start compare & measure

7. but the grass is always greener when your stuck between

8. you never know if the roots beneath ah decay, I’d have leap of faith

2nd Verse

1. Sometime I think and then I wanna touch base

2. I’ve always been a sucker for real cute face

3. if I could take the best of both of you and cut & paste

4. Now that would be a master piece

5. Im Caught between hard rock and real soft place

6. Looking for real good reason why I should stay

7. I’m grateful to a point, but when I contemplate

8. I wonder if this is a mistake

2nd Chorus:
3rd Verse:

1. I can’t pretend like everything is “A” okay

2. But who said it be perfect, every single day

3. I count my blessings, happy cause I chose to say

4. Even if it ain’t all straight

5. its easy to compare someone to someone else

6. but looking at mirror staring at myself

7. would I spend rest of my life in sickness and good health

8.sometime I cant help but to belt out

3rd Chorus:


1. Now I know where to stay

2. baby, You and me were meant to be

3. baby all it takes is a leap of faith

4. and destiny will decide

5. cause im tired of being torn apart regrets that never dies


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